Safety First: Tips for Using Aerosol Cans Safely

Aerosols products are everywhere.

We spray on deodorant in the morning while we’re getting ready for the day. We use aerosol cooking sprays while we making dinner. Or we could use aerosol spray paints to touch up furniture around the house or even create one of a kind art.

From cosmetics, food, and home uses, there is an aerosol spray for almost any application. Portable, disposable, and reliable, aerosols are found in millions of homes and workplaces.

Since aerosol sprays are a convenient answer to many of life’s problems, it is easy to overlook the need for safety while handling these products.

Many of us don’t think twice when using aerosols. But take a moment to read and review these safety tips to keep you, your family, and your coworkers protected:

Read the Instructions

This seems like a no brainer, but sometimes we all need a refresher. Before using an aerosol product, read all the safety instructions and warnings. Many safety instructions will include these directions:

  • Do not spray or discard aerosol cans on or near a fire. Even if the can is empty, it can still explode or cause injury.
  • Never pierce a hole into aerosols since the can might still be pressurized.
  • Keep aerosols in a safe, cool place away from sunlight. Indirect heat can cause the can to explode.

This is an overview of typical aerosol safety precautions. Always be sure to read the labels on the specific products you use.

Stay Safe Home

You can find aerosol products in a variety of places including residential and commercial locations. For home use, make sure to keep aerosols away from children. Also do not smoke during or right after spraying aerosol products.

If you’re using an aerosol in a small space at home, like a kitchen cabinet or under the sink, use only the amount you need for the job. Be sure to open up windows for ventilation.

For larger home projects, consider using the aerosol paint outside and wear a respirator mask. Check the weather before going outside to know about wind gusts in your area which can affect your work.

When keeping your aerosols at home, be mindful of volatile substance abuse. Also known as “sniffing,” directly inhaling aerosol sprays can cause serious long term damage or even have the potential to kill during first use. Talk to your children about only using aerosols for their intended purpose.

Workplace Safety

Aerosols are a common find in warehouses, shops, and retail areas. While a handy choice for many work place applications, there can be more possible risks for injury. Do not leave aerosols out in the open while not in use. Make sure they are stored in a cool, safe area. Several hazards can make an aerosol unsafe including punctures, variable temperatures, and corrosion.

For items such as insecticides, cleaning, or industrial strength paints, read all instructions and follow your workplace procedure during use. Always know the location of critical safety equipment such as eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, and safety kits.

Whether you use aerosol sprays around the house or on the job, make sure to read all of the instructions and safety labels before use. Aerosol sprays are easy to use, but always remember to stay safe when handling this product.