How to Create Artwork with Aerosol Spray Paints

When creating a beautiful work of art, aerosol spray paints may not be the first tool to pop into your mind.

But experienced artists and DIY lovers alike incorporate spray paints in their professional or personal works. You can use aerosol spray paint to make one-of-a-kind abstract art or to spruce up old furniture in your home with new colors and designs.

The tips below will show you how to create beautiful art, as well techniques for safely handling spray paint:

Find Creative Inspiration

One of the benefits of using aerosol spray painting is there is no art training required! So if you’re looking for a unique painting for your home or office space, creating your own piece of art will leave a lasting impression.

Visit inspiration boards on Pinterest. There are hundreds of posts on spray paint artwork and art tutorials. If you prefer more concrete art styles, there are specific how-to’s on creating landscapes, sunsets, or mountains. For the abstract art lover, there are guides on spray painting for flowing designs.

Don’t forget you can use spray paint to spruce up or even transform old furniture. Do you have an old, dull tea set? Cover the main part with plastic and cut holes for the handle. Spray paint the handles for a unique, bright pop of color.

For special events like weddings or baby showers, spray paint old frames, vases, and lights for the décor. At home or the office, you can bring a modern flair to baskets or storage containers by spray painting them to match your space’s color theme.

Remember Safety and Preparation

Safety first! Before you set up your spray painting project, read all the safety labels on the aerosol cans. The instructions will tell you how far to hold the can from the canvas or object, how to shake the can, and the how long the paint will take to dry. Follow these instructions to avoid making a mess or cause personal injury.

Buy a mask to protect yourself from fumes. If you’re planning on doing a lot of spray painting, a full or half face respirator can be reused for multiple projects and costs around $20.

Find a well-ventilated area to paint. If you’re painting outside, make sure the wind is not blowing in your face. If you work indoors, open as many windows and doors as possible to let in fresh air. Consider turning on a fan as well.

Use the Right Technique

Using aerosol spray paint is an easy way to create art, but still requires careful handling. When making spray paint art, do a pattern test on an extra poster or section of plywood to get a feel of how the spray can handles.

When spray painting, try to avoid using the floor. While it’s easy to throw down a sheet of plastic and get to work, working on the floor will not give you complete access to all the different angles of a piece. Use a workbench or elevated surface instead. If you’re creating a painting, draw basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. If you’re spray painting an object, rotate it if possible for an even coat.

With these few simple tips, you can get professional results using everyday aerosol spray paint.