Sustainable Living: How to Recycle Aerosol Containers

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The aerosol industry is continually increasing its environmental practices in both quality and production. Numerous aerosol filling companies are becoming more sustainable by using 100% recyclable materials and zero harmful propellants. With that being said some aerosol product manufacturers are not as green as others so it is still important that you treat your aerosol products with care and be sure to properly dispose of them when they are no longer usable.

Aerosol products today do far less damage to the environment compared to earlier days. This means many aerosols are easily recyclable but there are a few important facts to note before tossing an empty hair spray can into the recycle bin. According to Recyclebank, the first thing you need to be sure of before you recycle is that the container is completely empty. Do not try to take the can apart or break it in order to know if it is empty. It is highly important that you never puncture an aerosol can for any reason. This is because there are pressurized gasses inside that were made to propel the product out of the can. Puncturing the container and depressurizing these gasses is extremely dangerous, and could potentially result in an explosion or a serious injury.

So then how do you know if an aerosol product container is completely empty? The container must pass the ‘shake test.’ If you can shake the can and hear complete silence it can be recycled via your home recycling service or in a curbside recycle bin. Any noise when shaking means that the can has not been completely emptied of product. In which case your aerosol can and remaining product are known as household hazardous waste (HHW) and must be taken to a HHW facility to be properly recycled. Many waste and recycling services offer home pickup or recycle-by-mail options. If you are looking to get rid of hazardous waste in your home find out the best disposal option for you in your area by visiting Waste Management Online.

You should always try to recycle empty aerosol cans when you have the option to because the containers are made of metal, steel or aluminum and removable plastic caps, all of which can be remade into new products. Properly disposing of cans and containers will also save landfill space and reduce hazardous waste on the planet and in the environment. If you have any other household items floating around your home that you may be unsure how to dispose of, Earth911 will give you numerous ways to recycle products properly. Their online recycling guide is simple with easy to follow instructions.

The best way to live sustainably is always to reduce consumption and use as few products as possible. Avoid overbuying potentially hazardous products by only purchasing them when you absolutely need them. Buy products with recyclable containers from sustainable brands and always take proper precautions during disposal.

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