How to Stay Safe Using Aerosol Spray Paint


Whether you’re doing a major overhaul of your house or just sprucing up some old furniture, aerosol spray paint can make your life easier. Many people choose aerosols because they are easy to use, convenient, and come in a variety of colors to match any home’s décor.

But while they are simple to use, there a few basic safety rules everyone should follow while using aerosol spray paint.

Always Store Aerosol Paints Safety

Aerosol spray paints are pressurized containers so putting them in certain environments can cause a dangerous rupture or explosion. Always keep spray paint containers away from any type of heat. This includes fire, sparks, heaters. When you’re using aerosol spray paints, turn off any stoves or electric tools around the house to stay safe.

Whether it is in use or not, keep your spray paint aerosol in areas with a moderate temperature. That means never leave your aerosol in a car or near hot items. This can cause the can to explode.

Never punch a hole into your aerosol paint. When completely emptied, you can recycle the can.

Use the Right Safety Gear

For any type of spray paint project, make sure you have the right gear before starting. This includes gloves to keep any excess paint from your clothes or skin. Another important piece of safety gear is a respirator mask.

Respirator masks provide the best type of protection when painting. To learn how to pick the best one for your project, check out the PK Safety blog post or Home Depot’s Guide on selecting the best paint respirator.

Spray Paint in the Right Environment

Now that you know how to store your spray paint and what gear you need, time to get started on your project. Lastly you will need to pick the perfect spot to paint. If you have a small project, such as touching up a lamp’s finish or spraying old vases to make them like new, you can work inside. But always ensure you’re working in an area with plenty of room and ventilation. A garage is a great place for these types of projects. You can lay plenty of protective sheeting down and open all of the windows/main door for the best ventilation.

If you’re spray painting entire furniture sets or another larger project, working outside might be your best bet, especially since it provides optimal ventilation. However, be mindful of the wind’s direction. You don’t want the paint to spray back into you while working so select a mild day for working outside.

If you do get spray paint on you, wash your clothes and skin as soon as possible.

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Keep the Kids Safe

Painting with the little ones can be fun, but remember you should leave the spray painting to the older kids and adults. Young children can inhale too much of the fumes or spray paint everywhere. Older children should always be supervised when using spray paints.