Multiple Everyday Uses and Benefits of Aerosol Products


Aerosol products often get a bad rep for a variety of reasons. You may have heard that they are unsafe, hard to travel with and bad for the environment. But aerosol is actually an efficient, safe and useful invention. Many necessary and rather helpful products that we have now would not be available to us without the production and manufacturing of aerosol. Aerosol products do indeed have many benefits as long as we use them properly and with care.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Hair sprays and mousses as well as dry shampoos are used for quick and convenient hair cleaning and styling. Aerosols are also needed in most deodorants and antiperspirants and perfumes and body sprays in order to kill odors and leave a long lasting fresh scent. Aerosols are used for more cosmetic products than just the common hair and body sprays. Gel toothpastes, cream foundations, lotions and hydrating creams, self-tanners, sunscreen, thermal waters and makeup setting sprays are just a few of many personal care items that use aerosols.


Many common household items also need aerosol to work properly and effectively. Air fresheners and cleaning products are the big ones. But other products such as anti-static aerosols, aerosol starches and insecticides and herbicides are widely used in homes as well. Many homeowners own aerosol spray paints for décor, DIY and home improvement projects. And aerosol spray cans are a must for celebrating with festive silly string and air horns for holidays, parties and special occasions.

Food & Beverage

Believe it or not aerosols are also used in some common food products and kitchen items. Many cooking oils like PAM, for example come in a spray can. Whipped cream, icing and chocolate and coffee powders also all come in aerosol cans. Sometimes condiments like salad dressing and ketchup and mustard come in aerosol cans as well.

Health Care & Medical

Medical aerosols are critical products for health care industries and they provide millions of people with the care that they need. MDIs or pressurized metered dose inhalers treat asthma and COPD.  Aerosol coolants, disinfectants and bandages are commonly used in emergency first aid situations. And aerosol anesthetics are very commonly used to relieve pain from minor injuries.




In opposition to popular belief, aerosol products have numerous health and safety benefits. Some aerosol products are made strictly for safety and protection purposes such as safety air horns which make very loud noises and are typically used as alarms to warn large crowds of an emergency situation. Some people carry an air horn with them when they embark upon a trip on foot in case they need an SOS call. Aerosols are also widely used for safety in self defense situations. Mace or pepper spray, for example is carried by many people everywhere they go to protect them in case of a dangerous encounter.

Aerosol products have heretically sealed containers so contents cannot leak and they are also fully recyclable. For further benefits and information on aerosol safety The Aerosol Association of Australia has developed what they call The Aerosol Advantage to describe how aerosol products have advanced many industries and to show us how they can be beneficial to our daily lives. Be sure not to overlook the many benefits of aerosol products!