Create Unique Metallic Statement Pieces for Your Home Using Aerosol Sprays

Give your next spray paint DIYs a modern touch by mixing metallic aerosol sprays and unique new-age design trends. Both shiny and matte metallic gold, silver, and copper tones are trending in modern décor and fashion. With a little bit of metallic spray paint and some stand out pieces, you will be able to transform your style simply, without breaking the bank.

Brick Book Ends

For all the readers and writers out there, books can tend to pile up. So put them on display with metallic brick bookends to add an extra pop of modern style to your book collection. Bri Emery of Design Love Fest created bookends using rocks and silver, gold, and pink metallic spray paint. Emery added unique touches to her bookends by adding ombre patterns, cork board polka dots and spray painting geometric shapes. You can use bricks, rocks, figurines, or any other heavy item that can be spray painted. Keep an open mind when collecting your materials and get creative!

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Hanging Copper Planters

Bring your home or office to life by mixing greenery with a touch of modern copper fashion. Hanging copper planters are currently trending in interior décor. And there is no better way to show off your plants then to make them stand out with metallics. Urban Jungle Bloggers created a DIY Hanging Air Plant Planter using air plants, a rail and hooks from IKEA, and copper spray paint, couplers, and wire. Air plants, succulents, and cacti are also trending in decorative greenery and are very easy to care for. Just combine your favorite plant with your favorite metallic hue and you will be set to create.

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Industrial Tin Headboard

The tin ceilings from the late 18th century are again becoming a part of today’s modern décor fashion. Tin tile is an easy find at your local thrift stores and can easily be refurbished with a metallic spray paint color of your choice. Michael and Anna’s Rustic Modern Loft in Chicago features a metallic silver tin tile headboard.  And 25hours Bikini Berlin Hotel in Berlin, Germany features a large industrial modern copper headboard/statement wall in the hotel rooms. A metallic headboard is an easy DIY and will really bring a stylistic vibe into any room.

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Graffiti Statement Walls

Tired of solid colored walls in your home and can’t find a wallpaper print that speaks to you? If your style is a bit more daring, consider graffiti statement walls. This is simple to create with spray paint and it allows you to let your personality shine through on your walls. And using metallics in your graffiti art is a brilliant way to make your wall pop. This post by Live Journal incorporates a mixture of metallics and graffiti in the home creating a bold stand out style that is eye catching in every direction.

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