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5 Convenient Aerosol Products You Didn’t Know Existed

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Spray-On Fabric Clothing That’s right, clothes you can spray onto your body out of an aerosol can. I know it may sound quite bizarre to many, but [...]

18 Life-Changing Hairspray Hacks

hairspray, aerosol can, hairspray hacks
Hairspray and aerosol cans get a bad rap sometimes, especially when it comes to the environment, but to this, we say to each his own. For those of us who enjoy [...]

5 Aerosol Artists You Should Know

Spray painting and graffiti may not have the best connotations associated with it, but if you think about it, these graffers are essentially artists who [...]

Sustainable Living: How to Recycle Aerosol Containers

ehimetalor-unuabona-270320.jpg Spray cans
The aerosol industry is continually increasing its environmental practices in both quality and production. Numerous aerosol filling companies are becoming [...]

First Impressions Are Everything, Is Your Product Making a Good One?

It’s official, we are in full swing of the holiday season and with that comes anything and everything that can be packaged and sold for profit. If you’re a [...]

Multiple Everyday Uses and Benefits of Aerosol Products

Aerosol products often get a bad rep for a variety of reasons. You may have heard that they are unsafe, hard to travel with and bad for the environment. But [...]

Create Unique Metallic Statement Pieces for Your Home Using Aerosol Sprays

Give your next spray paint DIYs a modern touch by mixing metallic aerosol sprays and unique new-age design trends. Both shiny and matte metallic gold, silver, [...]

Household Aerosol Products

Household aerosol products – one of the most useful inventions in home cleaning ever invented. From air fresheners to furniture polishes all the way to [...]

Aerosol Bug Repellent

Picnics, camping, and fires… Oh bugs? As summer barrels around the corner, vacations, camping trips, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors comes with [...]