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Cosmetic Packaging

These 2 Aerosol Hair Products Will Add Autumn Sensations to Your Fall Beauty Routine

Welcome fall 2017! Take fall to the next level this season by adding natural and luxurious autumn scents to your beauty routine. There is nothing quite as [...]

7 Aerosol Beauty Sprays That You Need in Your Beach Bag This Summer

Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry | Bumble and bumble Bumble and bumble has created one of the greatest summer hair products on the market today, the Surf Foam [...]

Stay Protected in the Sun: Tips for Using Aerosol Sunscreens

With the unofficial start of summer not too far away, many families are planning summer activities such as trips to the beach or pool, picnics, festivals, and [...]

Facts vs. Fiction: Why Aerosol Products are a Smart Choice

Aerosol products, including bag-on-valve applications, are a growing staple throughout many retail industries. From healthcare to beauty to food, many brands [...]

Beautiful You: Aerosol Cosmetics and Skin Care

The beauty and cosmetic industry is a $42 billion industry in the United States alone. Due to a range of product lines and advancing research and development, [...]

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Aerosol Scents

With the weather staying at an uncharacteristically warm temperature, the holiday season doesn’t seem as festive as usual. Even if you have all your [...]

Advancements in Aerosol Packaging

Aerosol packaging contains many unique features that specifically tailor to aerosol spray needs. Depending on the consistency of the aerosol substance, the [...]

About Aerosol Beauty Products

As the hot summer months bring back promises of sunny, afternoon outings and cookouts with friends and family, the memories of sunburns, sweaty vacations, and [...]

Bag On Valve Cosmetic Packaging

Bag on valve can be used to dispense liquids as well as viscous products. This gives you the possibility to use the same type of packaging for products with [...]

Bag-On-Valve: Cosmetics

Less preservatives needed. With Bag-on-Valve your product is 100% protected from oxygen contact. This means longer shelf-life without the use of added [...]