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5 Convenient Aerosol Products You Didn’t Know Existed

perfect-dude-397463 (1) Spray-On Fabric Clothing That’s right, clothes you can spray onto your body out of an aerosol can. I know it may sound quite bizarre to many, but it is widely used throughout the world. This highly innovative spray-on fabric featured on both Smithsonian and Wired is useful in numerous areas including fashion design, medical wear, casts and [...]

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Aerosol Can Actuators

Aerosol can spray tips, actuators or spray heads - whatever you want to call them - are routinely ignored and abused until they no longer work well. The user may blame the [...]

Flying With Aerosol Cans

Our post today has to do with traveling with aerosol containers. Traveling to weddings, birthdays, job interviews, vacations and other special occasions often necessitates [...]

About Aerosol Cans

  Aerosol products are found throughout the retail environment, from the household cleaning aisle to personal care, hardware and even the grocery section has them. This [...]

How to Recycle Aerosol Cans

Everyone looks for ways to recycle the products we use and to keep as much out of our landfill space as possible. Therefore, we thought it would be useful to our customers to [...]

The Technology Of Bag On Valve Aerosols

The Bag on Valve (BoV) aerosols system is a modern packaging technology developed to improve your cosmetic, medical or food products. Not only is it convenient and user [...]

Bag-On-Valve: Cosmetics

Less preservatives needed. With Bag-on-Valve your product is 100% protected from oxygen contact. This means longer shelf-life without the use of added preservatives, [...]

Environmental Benefits of Bag On Valve Aerosols

The Bag-on-Valve consists of a rolled-up multi-layered flexible pouch attached to an aerosol valve. In the production of a BoV product, compressed air or nitrogen is charged [...]

Dual Dispensing Aerosols: Bag-On-Valve

How Does Dual Dispensing Aerosol Work? Dual dispensing aerosol would allow for filling of two different mediums separated from each other into a dual bag-on-valve system. For [...]

About Bag on Valve Technology

A bag on valve is just that – a composite bag is attached to an aerosol valve. Liquid product is filled inside the bag. Compressed air charged into the can fills the space [...]