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How to Safely Travel with Aerosol Products by Plane, Train, Boat or Car

We all love to travel, see new places and have new experiences. And of course we must look and feel our best while taking on any adventure, especially if you’re traveling for business. But whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you never know who you might meet, and first impressions are always important. With that being said, taking our [...]

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Sustainable Aerosols: Materials, Recycling, and Environment

Aerosol sprays have been a convenient way to deliver cosmetic, medical, and food products for both consumers and industrial purposes. Bag-on-valve aerosols provide even more [...]

Beautiful and Easy Spray Paint Projects for Your Home

Aerosol sprays have many uses, from cosmetic and beauty supplies to medical devices. But there is another popular use for spray paints—home renovation projects. A growing [...]

The Many Benefits and Applications of Bag on Valve Technology

Bag on Valve (BOV) is a modern development to traditional aerosol sprays. Products using Bag on Valve dispense various types of products (including liquids or gels) [...]

Safety First: Tips for Using Aerosol Cans Safely

Aerosols products are everywhere. We spray on deodorant in the morning while we're getting ready for the day. We use aerosol cooking sprays while we making dinner. Or we [...]

How to Create Artwork with Aerosol Spray Paints

When creating a beautiful work of art, aerosol spray paints may not be the first tool to pop into your mind. But experienced artists and DIY lovers alike incorporate spray [...]

Flying with Aerosols: Travel Tips and Rules

Are you planning for a much needed vacation or flying to a business meeting? Traveling across the country and the world can require the right necessities. From weddings, [...]

Facts vs. Fiction: Why Aerosol Products are a Smart Choice

Aerosol products, including bag-on-valve applications, are a growing staple throughout many retail industries. From healthcare to beauty to food, many brands use aerosol [...]

Beautiful You: Aerosol Cosmetics and Skin Care

The beauty and cosmetic industry is a $42 billion industry in the United States alone. Due to a range of product lines and advancing research and development, this area of [...]

A Better, Healthier Lifestyle – How Good Manufacturing Practices Deliver Quality Aerosols

Aerosols come in many shapes and forms to make our lives easier. From the beauty products we use every day to the convenience of your favorite foods available wherever you [...]

2017 and Beyond: Outlook and Market Analysis for Aerosol Growth

In 2014 alone, the international aerosol market was valued at 14.92 billion units and those numbers continue to grow. The significant growth is a result of increasing focus [...]