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5 Convenient Aerosol Products You Didn’t Know Existed

perfect-dude-397463 (1) Spray-On Fabric Clothing That’s right, clothes you can spray onto your body out of an aerosol can. I know it may sound quite bizarre to many, but it is widely used throughout the world. This highly innovative spray-on fabric featured on both Smithsonian and Wired is useful in numerous areas including fashion design, medical wear, casts and [...]

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18 Life-Changing Hairspray Hacks

hairspray, aerosol can, hairspray hacks
Hairspray and aerosol cans get a bad rap sometimes, especially when it comes to the environment, but to this, we say to each his own. For those of us who enjoy and love [...]

5 Aerosol Artists You Should Know

Spray painting and graffiti may not have the best connotations associated with it, but if you think about it, these graffers are essentially artists who express themselves [...]

Sustainable Living: How to Recycle Aerosol Containers

ehimetalor-unuabona-270320.jpg Spray cans
The aerosol industry is continually increasing its environmental practices in both quality and production. Numerous aerosol filling companies are becoming more sustainable [...]

First Impressions Are Everything, Is Your Product Making a Good One?

It’s official, we are in full swing of the holiday season and with that comes anything and everything that can be packaged and sold for profit. If you’re a business that [...]

Multiple Everyday Uses and Benefits of Aerosol Products

Aerosol products often get a bad rep for a variety of reasons. You may have heard that they are unsafe, hard to travel with and bad for the environment. But aerosol is [...]

How to Safely Travel with Aerosol Products by Plane, Train, Boat or Car

We all love to travel, see new places and have new experiences. And of course we must look and feel our best while taking on any adventure, especially if you’re [...]

6 Super Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas with Aerosol Spray Paint

October is quickly approaching, which means the season of pumpkin decorating is in full swing. Everyone loves a little jack-o-lantern carving at this time of year. Why not add [...]

How to Stay Safe Using Aerosol Spray Paint

Whether you're doing a major overhaul of your house or just sprucing up some old furniture, aerosol spray paint can make your life easier. Many people choose aerosols [...]

These 2 Aerosol Hair Products Will Add Autumn Sensations to Your Fall Beauty Routine

Welcome fall 2017! Take fall to the next level this season by adding natural and luxurious autumn scents to your beauty routine. There is nothing quite as comforting and [...]

Going Back to School with Aerosol Products

With fall right around the corner, many schools across the country are kicking off their first day of school this week. If you're finishing your back to school shopping, [...]