Bag-on-Valve Aerosol Technology is a modern packaging system, developed to improve cosmetic, medical, and pharmaceutical products. Not only is it convenient and user friendly, but it can be sprayed evenly at all angles and has up to 99% product emptying.

1. The Valve
Bag-on-Valve (BOV) systems are available with both female and male valves.
2. The Bag
Bag-on-Valve FDA-approved laminated aluminum bag (3 or 4 layers depending on product requirements). BOV systems are available in a large range of sizes.
3. The Product
Bag-on-Valve systems are suitable for liquid as well as viscous products, such as gels, creams and ointments, in a number of applications. BOV systems are optimized for oxygen-sensitive and sterile products.
4. The Propellant
Because of the separation between product and propellant, BOV can be used with compressed air or nitrogen.
5. The Actuator
Bag-on-Valve are available in a large range of standard actuators depending on product demands.
6. The Can
Standard aerosol can, aluminum or tin plate (whenever possible the use of aluminum cans is recommended). All sorts of shaped cans can be used with BOV systems. No limitation in marketing solutions.